Friday, July 9, 2010

Non-Personal Requirements

I just wanted to share a case or a story about life in principle we do not understand. I wish we were in the same view from a positive angle. do not have feelings about love or think negatively of what I want. so I hope your self-assessment to the right.

actually want to discuss the topic a bit sensitive. but here we are all men except for you haniza. so I think on my behalf is not a problem. just sharing the knowledge. I am not a wise evaluate life. I apologize if I mis-trial matters, and we equally correct.

I actually like a surf. but every day I spend much time there. I love finding new knowledge in my life and also share about life there. however, despite the advantages of the internet. it also has its own disadvantages. sharing about life is beautiful. but if we are wrong arrangement. we will find the wrong way.

and about which I will discuss here is the life of a man who is not normal. means this man has spent his life by choosing the wrong path of life. A man should love a woman in his life. but the man failed to do so. assessment may vary and will be considered normal or not this man be gay. This reality should be accepted as instinct itself that requires this to happen.

I am not speaking on my own. but the information was collected on the Internet. I studied why this happens. in fact, I found some contacts through this. I try to understand them. who they are and the life they lead. yes, they are the wrong way. They tried to get out of this world they have created themselves. but they failed. why?. the instinct of their own. they had to fight to the needs of themselves and claim their desires.
I think they initially difficult to come out of their lives is because they enjoy with the requirements of their claims sonsang desires. but I am mistaken. but some of my evaluation of their state. they do not want to follow this path. but the requirements themselves. they were also. I sympathize, to help them is not my field. I can give advice, but to change their choice.

possible for you it is something that disgusting. as you evaluate your own terms. but if you understand and share with them about life, you will certainly understand and better understood. I believe. No matter what we do not share, because people today are still conservative and not open minded. why?. for still adhering to the tradition of Asian. beliefs about religion to be important, therefore, we have not understood the meaning of life that I talk. even my own at first loathe to their lives. when I share stories and things of this life. I take them at their policies in the name of a friendship. not only that one man's nose. but there are also women face the same sense and about the topics I discuss here. I just do not have time to continue my research to find the identity of the man who by the way the second one in their lives.

okay. I think so far only thing I want to share to you all. my order. although nothing about life. we have to pass. This living arrangement should be appreciated by itself. for people who either choose this path, we must take them more. and helps them out of the inverse problem of life and experience. Hopefully with this bit of information I share can we use for the future. use reasonable discretion in the face of life.

I apologize if there is one thing I talk. pat chest and ask your mind. good case to be traveled roads, like the best.

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